30 Years of Creating Original and Sustainable Landscapes

Hodgins & Associés has earned an enviable reputation for building high quality landscapes with an emphasis on collaboration, innovation and ageless design.

The collective expertise of our team of landscape architects allows us to design and manage the most complex and unique projects.

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Media and Awards

  • 2018 - Grands prix du design Winner
    2018 Grands prix du design

    Project: L’Aqueduct (North Hatley)
    Category: Residential Terrace and Landscape Design
    Design: Éric Fleury
    Execution: Walls and Landscaping: Oscar Hache
    Execution: Aqueduct & Basins: Designworks Inc.

  • 2015-APPQ Competition-Prix 'Coup de coeur'-Le filigree
    2015 APPQ Competition Prix 'Coup de coeur'

    Project: Le filigree (Clarke)
    Category: Les éditions Pratico-pratique, Toutes catégories confondues
    Design: Tracey Hesse & Myke Hodgins
    Execution: Les aménagements paysagers l’Artisan

  • 2015-APPQ Competition-1st Prize-Le filigree-Espace restreint pour grand jardin
    2015 APPQ Competition 1st Prize

    Project: Le filigree (Clarke)
    Category: Espace restreint pour grand jardin
    Design: Tracey Hesse & Myke Hodgins
    Execution: Les aménagements paysagers l’Artisan

Our Team

Myke Hodgins

Principal Landscape Architect, AAPQ, FCSLA (Fellow), ASLA, IFLA

As “director” of both design and business since 1986, Myke Hodgins has built a team recognized for the quality of their innovative, award-winning designs. As past president of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA), and an invited jury member for the CSLA Awards of Excellence, Myke has demonstrated his long-time commitment to landscape architecture. His contributions were recognized when he was recently named a Fellow of the CSLA. Myke’s passion is design and he has no greater happiness than seeing the pleasure in his client’s eyes when they talk about their completed gardens and landscapes.

Danie Savoie

Landscape Architect, Associate, B.A.P., AAPQ, CSLA, IFLA,

Since 2003, Danie Savoie has explored creative design possibilities on projects ranging from small residential gardens to school yards to enormous condominium complexes. Danie’s consistent, quirky good humour and curiosity are reflected in her masterful approach to design and effective project management.  As a result of her dedication to quality and her overall vision of project execution, many of her creations have won professional awards of excellence.

Tracey Hesse

Landscape architect, BFA, M.Sc. A., AAPQ, CSLA, IFLA

Having worked for 8 years as a partner in landscaping company, Tracey Hesse has a practical perspective on the design and execution of landscapes. Her studies in Fine Art have enriched her exploration of landscape design and its creative possibilities. Upon completing her Master’s in Environmental Design, she worked with various landscape architectural firms in the US and Canada as well as teaching at the Université de Montréal. With her extensive experience Tracey brings a unique artistic view to the Hodgins team.

Mark Talarico

C.L.A.R.B. Certified Landscape Architect

Having worked extensively all over North America, Mark Talarico has the expertise to design sports fields in the Nevada desert, undertake feasibility studies, navigate the often complicated building permit process, and create elaborate gardens on Montreal roofs. And he’s really really good looking!

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